Our story

100% skateboarding. Forty Two is entirely owned and operated by skateboarders. We began our journey in 2011 with the intention of providing the very best service and support to our local community. The support that we’ve received in return has been inspiring and we are truly grateful for it. 
We’re lucky to have such a deep love for the thing we do. We’re very thankful to have such an amazing skateboard community around us. It’s been a real privilege to see the local scene flourish and to witness the next generation of skateboarders thrive. It’s been an absolute pleasure to provide a service to those many faces that we know and love. In fact not seeing everyone during this time has been one of the hardest parts. 
They say that time heals all and this period of time will pass. Things will return to some kind of normal and we’re really looking forward to that. 
Skateboarding runs deep!

How we will spend the money

We would like to thank Vans for including us in their Foot The Bill program. The support provided by each of you purchasing a pair of shoes will in turn support the shop and help us continue our adventure


This monumental time has affected everyone around the world. A global effort is underway with people everywhere making incredible sacrifices. We wanted a shoe that reflects just some of the things about this extraordinary time. Thank you Brad Garner for the help.

How To Order

This very special limited edition release is only available directly from Vans UK. To order a pair please visit Vans UK and place your order there.