“First and foremost skateboarding should be fun.”


Whilst often tested that basic premise is no less true. As skateboarding matures some of that innocence can get lost amongst the sheen.

It would be a shame to lose one of the very best things about skateboarding.

Frog is a skateboard company that revels in that fundamental truth that skateboarding, if nothing else should be fun. Frog skateboards art direction, riders and videos have an easy relatability to them. Friends going skateboarding together and having a good time.

Not to be taken for granted as Frog also represents the gnarly side of skating too that reaches the entire breadth of skateboarding.

The team is full of amazing and imaginative skateboarders that interpret their surroundings differently. Riders such as Brighton Zeuner and Nic Michel.

For Spring 2021 Vans have collaborated with Frog skateboards to create a very special Vans x Frog capsule featuring custom footwear and clothing.

Each item includes that energetic, innocent and almost folk like art style that Frog have become synonymous with.


The Vans x Frog Old Skool Skate is built using the brand new updated Vans Old Skool. Notice how it’s no longer Vans Pro but instead Vans Skate. This is a global change that Vans have made going forward replacing the Pro suffix with Skate. It’s not just a name change as Vans Skate have been updated to include a stickier rubber compound for the waffle sole.

A higher foxing tape for increased durability. The new improved PopCush insole provides even greater comfort and protection than before. Further improving upon the best insole in skateboarding. Silicon details replace the classic Vans side stripe.




The Vans x Frog Slip On Skate is built with a heavy weight canvas upper making this shoe suitable for veggies.

Blending the classic Vans checkerboard pattern with Frog’s inspired icons.

New new Vans Slip On Skate incorporates the new tougher side wall and sticky rubber waffle sole.










The clothing collection is equally fun loving with lots of details and fine fabrics like this short sleeve button up shirt.

Note that the Baby tee is a women’s fit tee and therefore fits much shorter than a standard skate tee.




Shop for the Vans x Frog Skateboards Collection HERE.