Choosing a skateboard truck is a personal thing. Each truck its own feel with its own pro’s and con’s. Some turn better than others and some are much stronger than others. What ever your choice or favourite they will last you for a very long time. You’ll go through many decks and sets of wheels for every one set of trucks. Therefore trucks are an important and worthwhile investment. Don’t skimp unless you have to. Your choice will last you for a very long time and during that period you’ll become very used to the way they feel, grind and respond. There are many different truck companies out there but the most popular are Independent, Venture, Thunder, Krux, Royal, ACE. All prices are for a pair of trucks and include free UK postage. Check the extended information on each truck to ensure the correct size required for your board. Replacement bushings that fit the trucks below can be found by clicking HERE:

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