Skateboard decks have changed greatly over the past 30 years. Most skateboards look fairly symmetrical and even though some people think they are the same at both ends nearly all skateboards have a nose and tail. On most modern skateboards the nose (or front) is longer than the tail (or back). The difference is small, often no more than a quarter of an inch but that differences means – for the most part – that you should ride your skateboard one way round.

Board Size

Boards vary in size (width) from the smallest decks measuring around 7.5 inches wide to the biggest that are around 10 inches wide. Board size has no direct link to height or shoe size. Personal preference dictates the best size. The most popular sizes in skateboarding are 8.00 and 8.25 inches wide. These are the best sizes to look at for someone starting out in skateboarding.


Skateboards can come in different shapes too. Boards ranging from 7.5 to 8.5 inches wide tend to be fairly symmetrical and straight railed (straight along the sides). Over 8.5 inches wide skateboards start to have a more obvious nose and tail. Some even resemble older skateboards from different eras. They also start to lose their straight sides


The bend that runs the length of the skateboard is called the concave. The concave is essential as it adds much needed strength to a skateboard. The deeper the concave the stiffer the deck. The more shallow the concave the more flexible the board will be.

Choosing a new deck is a personal thing. We all have different things we like about skateboards and each of us needs to find our own groove.

We carry a massive selection of decks. All come with free Jessup or MOB griptape which can be applied for no cost, just mention it when you place your order.

Looking for a new deck? Use the following links to narrow the selection down: Smaller Decks (7.5 to 7.9) , Medium Size Decks (8.0 to 8.19) , Larger Decks (8.20 to 8.30) or The Biggest Decks (Over 8.30) decks.

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