Skateboarding is beautiful.

It’s magical, rewarding and addictive but sometimes it can be a bit intimidating.

There is so much depth to skateboarding it can be overwhelming simply knowing where to start. A few basic tips early on in your skateboarding life can help you learn faster and skate safer. Learning to stop, carve, pump, drop-in and ollie should be on your first to-do list.

Nottingham is fortunate to have two excellent skateboarding schools where you can go and receive some serious help on the basics. Both of these skate schools have boards and safety equipment that you can borrow during your lessons although its definitely better to have your own board to use.

Flo Indoor Skatepark Skateboarding Lessons


Flo is a massive indoor skatepark in Nottingham with obstacles and ramps made from wood. What’s good about these lessons in particular is that there’s a wide variety of obstacles to try. Dropping in on a ramp is a fundamental early step in skateboarding and Flo has an abundance of ramps of varying sizes to practice on. Actually Ramp (sometimes called transition or tranny) skating can be super rewarding with lots of relatively accessible simple tricks within early reach. Being indoor also means you can have your lesson regardless of the weather outside and at anytime of the year.


Flo Indoor Skatepark (Click for map)


Every Saturday and Sunday Morning. 11am to 12pm.

Contact: facebook.com/floskatepark/

King Edwards Outdoor Skatepark Skateboarding Lessons


King Edwards skatepark in Nottingham is a small free to use outdoor concrete skate park built mostly with street obstacles and is great for learning some of the basics on a skateboard. King Edwards has some really mellow obstacles to practice on including some accessible manny pads, painted kerbs and small kickers to ollie out of.

The lessons at King Edwards have two sessions the early session is for everyone and the later session is for women and girls only. Half of the skateboard tutors at the King Edwards park are also women.


King Edwards Skatepark (Click for map)


Every Sunday Morning. 10am to 12pm. Ages 8 – 17.

Every Sunday Afternoon. 12pm to 1:30pm. Women and Girls age 8 and up.

Contact: Facebook.com/skatenottingham