So for the first time ever we had to postpone due to the poor weather conditions! Fortunately after holding tight for a week the weather came good and we managed to have a ripping day !!!

The results are as follows…

15 and Under

Position Name Points
1st Jordan Piper 300
2nd Mike Trowbridge 280
3rd Joseph JJ Jackson 240
4th Joel O’Hare 180
5th Joe Woodcock 130
6th Mario Fleet 80

16 – 21

Position Name Points
1st Mello 520
2nd Adam Cameron 420
3rd Floyd Van Dongen 330
4th Jack McKay 320
5th Jack Bigus 280
6th Victor Camilleri 260
7th Charlie 210
8th Callum Gedge 190
9th Adam Opie 160
10th Owen Byrne 100
11th Joe Martin 90
12th Alex Shiel 70

Over 21’s and Sponsored

Position Name Points
1st Kevin Harris 610
2st Jan’Z 580
3rd Craig Smedley 560
4th Luke Humphries 540
5th Alex Hallford 460
6th Andrew Holt 460
7th Phil Long 430
8th George Worthington 330
9th Adam Goucher 290
10th Nathan Symes 250
11th Alex Brewster 240
12th Kane Cunliffe 220
13th Charles De-Benaze 200
14th  Jake Fry 190
15th Paulie Todino 160
16th Ricardo Whyte 140
17th Mabbot 100

We’d like to say a massive THANK YOU! to the guys at GIRL, CHOCOLATELAKAI  and FOURSTAR, for sponsoring the Sunday Circuit this year and additionally to Matt and Alex from FORM Distribution for making it happen! much love Guys! 🙂

The next comp’s at Clifton Skatepark, on the 30/08/2015 so get down and get your shred on!!